Hyde-Smith defeats Espy in senate race

When Thad Cochran stepped down from his Senate seat in March it left a spot open to fill his shoes. Cindy Hyde-Smith was appointed by the governor shortly after. Now, nearly eight months later, she can officially stay in that seat.

It was a close race from the beginning, but Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith claimed 53 percent of the votes and will head back to Washington, defeating Democratic opponent Mike Espy in this runoff election. Espy conceded early with a positive attitude. “A minute ago, I did call Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith and I congratulated her on her victory tonight and she has my prayers that she goes to Washington to unite a very divided Mississippi.”

This election made history by not only electing the first woman senator for Mississippi, but also adds to the largest number of women in the U.S. Senate. Hyde-Smith said, “I am humbled for the honor that you have given me to elect me as your U.S. senator. It is hard to describe the feelings tonight for me and my family. But tonight in this victory the reason we won is because Mississippians know me and they know my heart and thank you for stepping up Mississippi.”

Even though this term will only be two years because it was a special election, Hyde-Smith says she will use her time wisely for the betterment of Mississippians. “I want everybody to know no matter who you voted for today, I am going to always represent every Mississippian. I will work very hard, do my very best to make Mississippi very proud of your U.S. senator. You know the people of Mississippi, you deserve that.”

Supporters were thrilled when it was officially announced that she won with all coastal counties representing that win. Stone County resident Chester Diaz said, “I’m tickled to death. I’m glad for her. I’m glad for the Republican party.”

Even President Trump tweeted, saying, “Congratulations to Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith on your big win in the great state of Mississippi. We are all proud of you.”

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