Hurricane’s impact on Coast could injure wildlife

As Hurricane Harvey moves in, bad weather could potentially hit the Coast, possibly injuring animals or separating wildlife from their homes.
Rescue workers tell News 25 that whenever big hurricanes hit our surrounding areas, dozens of animals wash up on beaches from the strong winds or heavy rain.
During Tropical Storm Cindy, a group of baby pelicans were rescued after they were removed from their homes. Volunteers with Wildlife Care and Rescue say if it weren’t for the beach-goers that called their center, the pelicans could have all died. Wildlife Care and Rescue Center Director Alison Sharp said, “We always end up with quite a number of different animals whether they’re babies or even adults, they get very, very weather beaten. So, we want people to realize that we are out there. We are ready to go pick these animals up. It is very important that they get that help.”
If you do come across injured wildlife as a result of the anticipated weather conditions, please call the rescue hotline number at 228-669-2737.

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