Hurricane Season is here

Hurricane season began Monday and we are already tracking the tropics. This year, officials say preparing for the season will be different than before.

South Mississippi is no stranger to tropical storms and hurricanes, but this will be the first time residents and officials have to prepare with social distancing in mind.

Officials say when making your kits and getting your supplies together you will want to make sure you have masks ready to go, hand sanitizer, disinfecting wipes, and even gloves.

With the pandemic still ongoing, it has been hard for people to find essential items like toilet paper and cleaning supplies. So you will want to plan ahead to make sure you will have everything you need to ride out any sort of inclement weather. Jeff Clark with Harrison County said, “This is the 15th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina this year. That is still on the mind of a lot of people who went through that. There are lessons to learn. Technology has improved since then, but things are completely different than they were 15 years ago. This is an unprecedented time. We’ve already had three named storms a few days into hurricane season plus this pandemic makes this for a very difficult hurricane season.”

Click here to find a list of sand bag locations in Harrison County.

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