Hurricane Season comes with a new threat in 2020

Hurricane Season officially begins on Monday, June 1st and weather officials are expecting a pretty active season as we’ve already had two named storms this month.

While South Mississippians may be familiar with hurricane preparedness, this year poses a new threat as we learn to navigate the storm season with the coronavirus.

Harrison County EMA Director Rupert Lacy says they’re preparing in different ways when it comes to social distancing, shelters, and recovery efforts. “We know the average person wants to help after a disaster, and that’s always admirable and we appreciate that, but we don’t know what kind of response we would see. It means that we would probably have to open up more shelters simply from the standpoint that we’re going to have more space that’s going to be required per resident, per family unit that’s coming into the shelter, and we’re going to try to keep people as separated as possible for whatever type storm that we have.”


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