Hurricane Preparedness Week: Gathering essential supplies for the season

As we continue with Hurricane Preparedness Week, today’s theme is about assembling disaster supplies.

Even though we are dealing with COVID-19, it’s important to think about your plans and refreshing your supplies.

Things are a bit different this year as you try to gather your items for this hurricane season, it’s crucial to note the pandemic and social distancing guidelines play a huge role in planning ahead.

This is nothing new for South Mississippians so here’s Harrison County EMA Director Rupert Lacy on a refresher course on essential items for the season. “Having those canned goods, having those non-perishables, now start thinking about stocking up on water and containers that will hold and if you got the home generator, testing it, and making sure it is ready.”

Lacy tells News 25 its best to plan ahead and stock for several weeks to be safe and comfortable during the hurricane season.

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