Hundreds Gather in Gulfport to Pay Tribute to the Charleston Shooting Victims

The rain could not keep hundreds of locals from uniting in Gulfport to honor those who were viciously murdered in Charleston last week.
Nearly 500 people poured into Little Rock Baptist Church tonight, all in remembrance of the nine lives taken in Charleston by an act of hate. The vigil started out with praise music and numerous Gulfport pastors linking hands to pray over the families of those who lost loved ones in the shootings.
The vigil was originally intended to be at Milner Stadium in Gulfport, but due to the rain, they moved it inside.
James Beal is past of Little Rock Baptist Church and he said today was to show South Carolina that they support them, even though they are states away.
“The Bible teaches us when your brother is weeping, we should weep. When your brother is in grief, we should be in grief so we are here just in unity to support them what the Bible teaches us to do. Even though they’re in Carolina there, we’re here in Gulfport, we’re all brothers and sisters in Christ,” said Beal.
As a pastor, James Beal said the hardest part of hearing about the shootings was that they happened in a church a lot like his.

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