Humane Society on pets after storms

The Humane Society of South Mississippi opened today at noon after closing down yesterday in preparation for Tropical Storm Gordon.

Development Manager Katie King says they’re very thankful the storm was not as bad as it could have been.

Overcapacity at about 400 animals, the Humane Society was able to transport 30 dogs to the Atlanta Humane Society to clear up space for any strays that may come in after the storm. “Just recently ya’ll know we had the roof breaching so we were no stranger to water damage in the shelter. This time we were prepared thanks to all the community stepping up and giving us those buckets that we needed and all the supplies that we needed. We were definitely ready yesterday for the worst, but thankful we didn’t have to use all those supplies, but we had them and we were grateful,” said King.

King tells News 25 animal control officers will be bringing in more animals today and the shelter is in desperate need of adopters.

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