Human Trafficking Investigation

After receiving complaints about JJ’s Spa in St. Martin, two people have been arrested in a prostitution and human trafficking sting, operating at that location. Authorities say more arrests may be on the way.
Authorities say JJ’s Spa in St. Martin has been masquerading as a massage parlor but behind closed doors has had criminal activity that District Attorney Tony Lawrence calls “demeaning." “We want to make sure that all people in this country understand that we believe in the sanctity of life and that there should be quality of life and that no one should be enslaved for someone else’s economic benefit.”
The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office, the FBI, Homeland Security and a number of other law enforcement agencies raided the facility about 1 o’clock Wednesday and didn’t leave the scene until after 5 p.m. “Some arrests were made. A lot of information was collected. The investigation is ongoing so we can’t talk about the details or specifics but we’re deeply concerned about human trafficking in this area,” said Lawrence.
Authorities say they’ve been investigating for more than a year after continued concerns and complaints of what law enforcement call the abnormally high number of massage parlors in Jackson County. Matt Stebly, who owns the tattoo parlor next to JJ’s Spa, tells News 25 he’s noticed suspicious activity since he’s moved in. “You have your suspensions. I mean, the shops been here for three or four years and they’ve always been here, so you kind of hear things, whether it be reviews online or just people talking about it.”
Stebly describes the activity he’s witnessed as scary, saying dozens of men walk through the doors every night. “A lot of people go in but not a lot of people come out.”
Authorities are keeping other details about the investigation under wraps, like the names of the suspects and exact charges.

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