Huge surprise for two brave step-sisters

It’s a celebration fit for a queen — or more like two princesses.

Tonight, the Pink Heart Funds organization honors two brave sisters as they embarked on the journey of their lives, battling bone cancer.

Thirteen-year-old step-sisters Natalie Harvey and Olivia Barlow have a lot in common, including being diagnosed with bone cancer just one month apart and in the same leg. Olivia said, “I think doing it together was probably better because we were so far apart, eight hours, so I don’t know. It was great going through it with her.”

Olivia was diagnosed first and then Natalie learned her diagnosis a month later, the two spent the last six months in treatment at St. Jude’s Hospital. Natalie says although it was a hard pill to swallow, she is also thankful to have a companion on this tough journey. “It was good that we got to go through it together, but also, we didn’t want each other to have it, but it was good because we had someone who knew what we were going through and that we knew very closely.”

Friday night, the Pink Heart Funds organization rolled out the red carpet to show these girls just how special they are to their family as well as the community. Olivia said, “I was very surprised by the limo. It was my first time in a limo. It was crazy. Then coming here and having this huge thing, it’s really awesome.”

Pink Heart Funds Founder JoAn Nicely said, “This to me is the most important thing about Pink Heart Funds. It’s not just about giving out wigs and breast prosthetics. It’s about making these girls feel important again.”

More than 20 local businesses donated everything from the tiaras, the jewelry and the limo ride as well as the celebration dinner. Nicely says this event wouldn’t have been possible without the love and support of the community. “To be able to send out a text and they respond immediately and they say let me message some of my friends that own businesses and that’s how it can be done in 30 days. Otherwise, this event used to take three months to put together.”

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