HSSM way over capacity

The Humane Society of South Mississippi is over capacity. They are in desperate need of help from the community.

Last week, the Humane Society had 188 pets come into the shelter and they only adopted out around 40. The capacity for the shelter is 289 animals and right now they have close to 700 animals.

Now, they are asking for the community to help them out by fostering or adopting an animal so they can make more room in the shelter. Volunteer Manager Valerie Kattz said, “Well the thing about this is, is that it is not a pet problem, it is a people problem. People are not spaying and neutering their pets and until we can get everyone to spay and neuter their pets we are going to keep seeing these little babies pop up in the shelter and we really need the community’s help to come down and volunteer, foster or adopt because eventually you run out of space.”

June is also ‘Foster a Pet Month’ so it is the perfect time to help an animal in need.

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