HSSM collecting supplies due to influx of kittens and puppies

With a large influx of kittens and puppies, the Humane Society of South Mississippi is in dire need of both supplies and workers.

This increase in babies is caused due to more animals breeding during the summer time.

To help with this supply need, HSSM is throwing a baby shower to collect a variety of items for these babies such as canned food, blankets, towels, milk, puppy pads, formula, litter, and more.

In addition to supplies, the shelter is also looking for workers in a variety of positions. To help fill this need, the shelter will host open interviews at the Humane Society this Friday from 8 a.m. until 1 p.m. Project Manager Arin King said, “Extra adoption counselors were trying to hire, extra animal care associates. We need vet techs. We need receptionists. Pretty much every single department is looking for extra people.”

Foster Coordinator Molly Waite said, “We’re sending animals out as soon as they come in, so any supplies as soon as possible that we can get them the better, but ideally throughout the summertime is when we have a large number of these animals coming in.”

As of now, there are about 100 kittens and puppies in HSSM foster care.

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