How Will Scalia’s Successor be Chosen?

Local conservatives are also on the edge of their seats to see who will replace Justice Scalia and more importantly how that successor will be chosen.
Republic representatives tell News 25 Scalia was widely known as a Constitutionalist and that his decisions were based on what is written in the Constitution and not his opinion. They say if President Obama were to choose a liberal successor there could be a major shift in power. With Scalia, liberals and conservatives were generally split 4-4 with a swing vote. That could change to 5-3 if a liberal successor were chosen by the president.
Coast Republicans say to prevent that from happening we could see a fight we’ve seen before. Harrison County Republican Club President Pete Wilson said, “I think you’re going to find that there’s going to be a rather bitter and lengthy confirmation battle, similar to the one in 1968 when President Johnson was on his way out and the Republicans stalled everything so President Nixon could make the choice.”
In a Facebook post, Governor Phil Bryant says “conservatives have lost our legal champion.”

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