Housing and Urban Development on Katrina Recovery

There’s no doubt Katrina greatly impacted us here on the Coast, but it should not define us. What should define South Mississippi is the strength and resiliency of our people to rebuild. That was the message Governor Bryant had this afternoon at a joint press conference with the Department of Housing and Urban Development.
Forty thousand homes have been restored. Tourism has grown by nine percent and the population in the three coastal counties has grown by 2.5 percent. Governor Phil Bryant says these are the statistics we should be focusing on ten years later. “Imagine that, if you will, after the disaster that was Katrina, after the spill, people want to come here to make this their home.”
State leaders credit much of our recovery to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, who allotted more than $5.4 billion to assist in the long term recovery and restoration along the Coast. Secretary for the Department of Housing and Urban Development Julian Castro said, “We want to ensure a great quality of life, economic prosperity, and to ensure that opportunity is available to everyone, no matter their background or income level.”
But not everyone has reached out and there is still money left. HUD is encouraging any eligible Mississippian who has not filed or claimed for the Katrina-Community Development Block Grant to do so. “If you have any damages because of Katrina and you qualify, we want to be there for you,” said Governor Bryant.
While the Coast has come so far in its recovery over the past ten years, the work is not over and Secretary Castro can’t wait to see the finished product. “I’m glad to visit Gulfport for the first time and to see so much of that progress and I look forward to coming back and seeing this recovery complete.”

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