House of Healing in Gulfport served hot meals to the community this weekend

The House of Healing Church in Gulfport reached out to the community to feed its hunger needs.

The church is doing its part to take care of those in their community. Hot dinner meals were served to anyone who wanted a plate.

The drive-thru pick up allowed for cars to come to the church and ride by to grab as many plates a family may need.

The goal was to feed 100 families and show the community the House of Healing is here to help. Pastor Joshua Smith said, “We are feeding the people who are in need of hot meals and that could be anyone because the pandemic of course has impacted a lot of families. So, you don’t have to be homeless to come. We’re just feeding 100 plus people, that’s our goal. It’s what the church is supposed to do. Of course, we are not in the four walls of the church like we are accustomed to being, everyone is not in the four walls of the church and so it’s just good to get out in the community like we’re supposed to be doing all along and serve and meet the needs of the people.”

The House of Healing will continue to serve the community and help those in need in any way they can.

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