Hotel/Motel safety tips

During the summer season, vacation and business travel makes hotels and motels our home away from home.

That is why the Biloxi Fire Department is working to bring area visitors safety tips when planning a stay. When checking in, ask the front desk what the fire alarm sounds like.

If the alarm sounds during your stay, leave right away. Don’t bother grabbing personal things and use the stairs to evacuate.

Biloxi Fire Inspector William Fairley says the most important thing is to observe your surroundings wherever you choose to stay. “When you’re going to rent a hotel make sure they have working smoke detectors and if possible one that has a working sprinkler system. Once you check in make sure there’s an evacuation route inside the room on the back of the door. Newer hotels now are putting in floor level exit signs. The more modern the hotel the more safe it will be”

According to the National Fire Protection Association, on average one of every 14 hotels or motels report a structure fire every year.

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