Hot Air balloon visits Vancleave Lower Elementary

Something you don’t see every day is a hot air balloon in South Mississippi, but students at Vancleave Lower Elementary had the chance today to see one in action.

Hundreds of students at Vancleave Lower Elementary took learning outside the classroom as their recent lesson plans came to life as a hot air balloon rose into the sky. Principal Tanya Sonnier said, “It’s making the lesson come to life. It’s one thing to talk to students about the speed of the molecules affecting the rise and fall of the balloon, but it’s another thing to be able to see it in person.”

By the sounds of it, the students, k through 2nd, weren’t disappointed. “It’s fun to see.” “The little fire thingy, it goes the thing up, so it can go up more and more, how high it gets.”

Unfortunately, the breezy winds didn’t allow for the oversized balloon to be up long. Hot air balloon pilot Frank Anger said, “I wish we could have gotten it up and stabilized it and had them come around the balloon because that’s what I really like to do, smell it and feel it and feel the heat and hear the burners when they go off because it’s exciting for them.”

If you want to get in on the excitement and see hot air balloons in action head over to Foley, Alabama this weekend for the Gulf Coast Hot Air Balloon Festival.

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