Hosemann talks coastal preservation

This afternoon, Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann talked about the importance of coastal preservation during a Gulfport Rotary Club meeting at the Great Southern Club.
News 25’s Kendra Turley brings us the latest on the state’s plans for Cat and Deer Island.
With nearly 500 acres of Cat Island back in the hands of the Magnolia State, Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann stopped on the Coast to update residents on what to expect in the near future. “We should start very shortly on adding about 300 acres on the east side of Cat Island. We’ll be showing that today, all of which will be in the public domain and owned by the citizens of the state of Mississippi,” said Hosemann.
The U.S. Corps of Engineers renourishment plan will add about 40 acres to Goose Point, a portion of the island eroded below sea level. The contract will go out for bid on March 8th. “With the renourishment and the MOEX transaction and the BP purchase, the amounts total about $43 million. Mississippi spent less than two percent,” said Hosemann.
Gulfport Rotary Club President James Kaigler said, “The preservation of that and to make sure we have that for the future generations is very important. I’m glad that he’s taken the initiative to put that back where it was.”
Hosemann highlighted the importance of coastal preservation and premiered two promotional videos for Cat and Deer Island. “It’ll be used for promotion by Biloxi and by the Coast and by community developers and also getting tourists to stay one more day in Mississippi,” said Hosemann.
The state has strict conservation easements for both islands to ensure that each body of land remains a prime location for kayaking, fishing, swimming, and more for years and years to come. “It is something to be held at perpetuity for our children and our grandchildren and it is set up that way with conservation easements,” said Hosemann.

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