Honoring Ocean Springs Fire Department

Now we bring you a heartwarming story out of Ocean Springs where members of the city’s senior center honored their local fire department.
The group hosted Ocean Springs Fire Chief Jeff Ponson at a reception today where he gave fire safety tips, but little did he know the fire department was in for a very special surprise thanks to Miss Jeanie Loper. Loper tells News 25 that the senior center regularly completes puzzles and when she saw their latest work, she knew it had to be framed for the local fire department.
After the big reveal, the chief was brought to tears by the gift and by the show of support from these senior citizens. “We do have a fire department here that does so many things that people don’t even know that they do. I came first in contact with them, my husband had Alzheimer’s and had a tendency to fall, I’d call and they’d send the fire department. From then own, I just kind of connected with the things that the fire department does,” said Loper.
Miss Loper tells News 25 that the completed puzzle immediately brought her back to seeing the New York firefighters respond during 9/11 so with the anniversary next Monday this was the perfect time to surprise Chief Ponson.

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