Homeschool Days at the Mississippi Aquarium

The Mississippi Aquarium welcomes homeschool families and groups to visit, explore, and participate in hands-on educational activities.

The Mississippi Aquarium welcomes at-home learners to Homeschool Day for families to enjoy. Education Program Analyst Lauren Fuller said, “They seem to really love it, especially with a hands-on activity. It really helps open their eyes and reinforces that information.”

For many, it’s their first year homeschooling and they are thrilled to have this educational program available. Katie Morong and Dallas Morong were visitors at Homeschool Day. “It’s been fun to take the kids out to have hands-on experiences rather than looking at a book.”

Visitor Mele Larson said, “I don’t remember having field trips like this growing up. I’ve never been this close to a penguin before.”

There are multiple hands-on exhibits, but it seems like African penguins Ferdinand and Thumper have stolen the show and have become fan favorites.

These penguin superstars serve a purpose for viewers to teach them more about this week’s Homeschool Day topic: endangered animals. “On an everyday basis you don’t get to learn about endangered animals. So, to come and learn how to help animals, it helps the kids.”

What have they learned? Visitor Jamison Rankin said, “Throw away our plastic. Don’t leave trash everywhere and be nice to animals.”

“It helps them from a young age be more aware that they’re not the only ones on the Earth.”

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