Homeschool Day at the Mississippi Aquarium

The Mississippi Aquarium is now featuring Homeschool Days on Thursdays.

The Mississippi Aquarium is honing in on the homeschool crowd. The aquarium’s education team provides this state approved program.  Mississippi Aquarium Education Manager Duane Hills said, “So far the support has been overwhelming, people calling. Everyday I’m getting calls about our homeschool days so we are really excited about it and we are just pleased that people are receiving something that we’re bringing to the state.”

The program focuses on providing hands-on activities through three learning stations while also bringing home the conservation topic for that day. Laura Lee and her son take part in the program every Thursday. “Any other time it is open to public schools, so this is a really great opportunity for our kids, homeschool kids, private school kids to be able to come and to learn things and extra information that they wouldn’t normally do.”

Every Thursday, the students meet with one of the aquarium’s educators to discuss what the topic of the week is going to be and this week the topic was the scientific method. “We definitely want people to see this as the people’s aquarium. This is Mississippi’s aquarium so we want to make sure that it is accessible to everyone.”

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