Homeland Defense and Security Summit

More than ten nations were represented on the Coast today for the second annual International Homeland Defense and Security Summit.

Retired Lt. General Richard Newton said, “In 2019 more and more that world of cyber that we all now live in needs to be just as protected as we think about putting a seat belt on in a car.”

Cyber security was the main topic at the second annual Homeland Defense and Security Summit held in Biloxi this week. Security professionals from around the globe came together to discuss the best strategies to protect digital infrastructure. “Cyber security is important to all of us regardless in the military, in the financial sector, in the diplomatic area as well. Cyber security is also important at the local, at the state, federal, and the international.”

Newton says that with the help of Governor Bryant, Mississippi is leading the way in cyber security across the globe. “So, that is why he is trying to make it for all of the citizens in the state of Mississippi, from a cyber security standpoint, are as safe as possible as well. What he has done is he has now reached into the federal to make sure all of the support is provided from the federal level and also the international level because cyber is ubiquitous.”

If you are looking to protect your own personal information, Newton says it doesn’t have to be hard. “It comes down to simple things, like protecting your computer operations or changing passwords, when you are solicited by an unknown party, question that. Don’t divulge information that could be personal or private to you unless you know absolutely who that other person is.”

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