Home Invasion Leads To Manhunt

A bold home invasion in Gulfport, a woman reports at 7 o’clock Monday morning, two men inside her home. That invasion led to shots fired. A dog hit and the Harrison County Sheriff’s Department on a manhunt. News 25’s Kristen Durand sat down with the homeowner who tells us her story. Warning: some of the images in this next story are graphic.
Monday morning started out like any other day for Theresa Lero, feeding her horses outside of her home on Pine Forest Road in Gulfport as her husband slept inside. She heads back inside the house. Moments later, her dog, Leon, is barking and growling. “I couldn’t understand at first what it was, I thought it might be somebody I knew was here needing something and then I just quickly realized it wasn’t anybody I knew and they weren’t up to any good,” said Lero.
Two men were standing in her sunroom, armed with a gun. “They had ski masks on,” said Lero. Lero says she grabbed her gun. The men took off and Lero, along with her two-year-old Pitbull, went after them. “They went out their door and I went up the other door and the dog took off after him and I took after them too and then they shot my dog and shot at me. He’s got a gunshot wound right in his head and behind his ear.”
A manhunt ensued after the suspects ran from the house, jumped over this fence and disappeared into the woods. With the use of a helicopter, citizen sightings and a sheriff’s K-9, Harrison County deputies found and arrested 20-year-old Adam Kennedy of Gulfport and 20-year-old Jonathan Wesley of Saucier. The two are charged with home invasion, aggravated assault and felony animal cruelty. They were taken to the Harrison County Jail in lieu of a $100,000 bond.
Meantime, Leon is recovering from his gunshot wounds. Miraculously, the bullet did not penetrate the brain and his veterinarian says he’s going to be okay, a happy ending for Theresa Lero and her four-legged hero. “All I can say is adopt a dog from a shelter, he might just save your life.”
Neither Lero nor her husband sustained any injuries. Deputies are still searching for a third suspect, 18-year-old Harley Beech of Gulfport. Anyone with information is asked to call the Harrison County Sheriff’s Department at 228-865-7060.

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