Holiday traffic enforcement

Christmas is over, but the holidays are still in full force and that means more traffic and cars on the road.

With the Sugar Bowl and College Football National Championship being held nearby in New Orleans as well as the New Year’s holiday all occurring within the next few weeks, Gulfport Police Lt. Joshua Bromen urges people out and about not to text or drink and drive.

Instead, use a ride-sharing service like Uber or Lyft or have a trusted designated driver on standby. Officers from Gulfport and other law enforcement agencies across the Coast will have enhanced traffic patrols during busier periods of traffic as well. Lt. Bromen said, “There’s so much technology. There’s so much opportunity to not make that bad decision. We just want people to think about the outcomes, you’re about to start a new year, you really don’t want to do it behind bars.”

Traffic enforcement officers will look for things like impaired and aggressive driving on the roadways.

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