Holiday Returns, Exchanges, and Savings

The day after Christmas is a huge day for retailers as thousands of shoppers flock to stores across the area to return gifts and shop even more. News 25’s Kendra Turley breaks down everything you need to know about post-Christmas returns and savings.
While the gifts may be gone from underneath the Christmas tree, the holiday shopping rush isn’t over just yet. Holiday shopper Lillie Guida said, “We’re using our gift cards that we got from our parents for Christmas and just enjoying the day off from school.”
Holiday shopper Beth Shiyou said, “I have a pair of shoes I need to exchange just for a smaller size. I figured today would be a good day to do it because we go back to college in a little while.”
With gift cards to use and unwanted presents to exchange, the day after Christmas draws in thousands of holiday shoppers to retailers all across the country. The day after Christmas isn’t just a time for returns and exchanges, it’s also a time for shoppers to take advantage of all of the post-Christmas deals stores have to offer. Holiday shopper Donna Anderson said, “I kind of go online and look at some things and then decided on what I’m going to go get in the store. I do. I’m out here for the bargains.”
“There was like half off everywhere and 40 percent off and we’ve even seen 80 percent off a whole store. There’s a lot of stuff going on, a lot of sales,” said Shiyou.
There are a couple of things to keep in mind if you do plan on returning or exchanging a gift. Edgewater Mall Manager Terry Powell said, “If you have your receipt bring it with you. Most everybody has a liberal exchange policy, but if you have your receipt bring it with you.”
Review the store’s return policy beforehand. Some stores won’t accept items without a tag or anything that’s been opened, especially electronics. Holiday shopper Anna Fore said, “I had to exchange a dress and I forgot my receipt at my house and it was just terrible.”
Retailers expect long lines and large crowds all week and throughout the holiday weekend so be sure to plan your day of returns, exchanges, and savings accordingly. “We’ve been to Keesler, to the exchange, and here and the Promenade. Yeah, this is the third stop,” said holiday shopper Donald Anderson.

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