Hockey returns to South Mississippi

A 2,812-day drought came to an end tonight at the Coast Coliseum as the Port Huron Prowlers and the Columbus River Dragons faced off on the ice, officially bringing pro hockey back to Biloxi at least for the month.

Biloxi Pro Hockey is hosting three Federal Prospect Hockey League games this month in hopes of bringing the sport back to the Coast permanently, if the fans like it.

Fans overall were excited for the potential of a new sport coming to the Coast. Hockey fan Matthew Oleson said, “People don’t understand the skill level it takes to play hockey. When I skate, I can barely stand up on the ice and these guys are going like 25 miles per hour on the ice. It’s incredible. It’s action-packed. Unlike other major sports, they let you drop the gloves and handle business.”

New hockey fan Jerome Lyons said, “This might be my first game but it’s an opportunity to bring hockey back to the Coast. There are a lot of fans here on the Coast that love hockey and hopefully I can be one of those fans.”

The Carolina Thunderbirds play the River Dragons on the 17th. On the 30th is a rematch between the River Dragons and the Prowlers.

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