Historical Society of Gulfport needs a home

The Historical Society of Gulfport is in search of a place to call home.
Made up of around two hundred members, the society works to develop initiatives, programs, and projects aimed towards keeping Gulfport’s historic past alive. Although the city allows the society to meet once a month in the West Side Community Center, Gulfport is the only city with a historical society that doesn’t have a permanent building on the Coast to show and share their work.
Historical Society of Gulfport Co-Founder Betty Shaw tells News 25 having a stable location would attract tourists and those in the community with an interest in how Gulfport came to be. “There’s so many facets of things that have gone away, like the Gulf Coast Military Academy, like things that have gone. We have records, people when they found out give us things to take care of, but I don’t want them to sit there. I want people to know what it was like in Gulfport a long time ago and even recently.”
Members say Gulfport has a unique history of prosperity and rebuilding different from any other city on the Coast. You can contact the historical society by visiting www.historicalsocietyofgulfport.org.

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