Hispanic Heritage Celebration at Pass Road Elementary

Today, Pass Road Elementary celebrated Hispanic Heritage Month with music, dancing, and yummy tacos.

Pass Road Elementary started this celebration three years ago. It gives students a chance to expand their horizons. It also allows the opportunity for some of these children with Hispanic heritage to share their backgrounds with their classmates. Music teacher Diana Rush said, “All heritages are important so anytime you get a chance to teach a child about somebody whose customs and celebrations might be different from theirs, it broadens their learning experience and helps them understand others.”

On Wednesday, Gulfport High School students gave quite the performance with a Mexican dancing routine by students who are enrolled in a secondary language club. These students all come from different backgrounds. One of them, Edwin Zarranza, moved to the United States when was nine-years-old. He says he enjoys being able to share his true Hispanic traditions anywhere he goes. “They don’t see our real traditions. They just see us overall so we like to show what we do for fun, what we grew up with, you know, what your parents teach you. So, we like to show that. Maybe some people will like it and they start to get into it too.”

Teachers used this celebration as a springboard to help students gain an appreciation for the Hispanic culture and their contributions.

Of course, what would any Hispanic celebration be without Hispanic cuisine? As a reward for learning some basic facts about the 21 Hispanic countries, and even a few Spanish words, students were served up a special taco salad lunch. “They get to understand that people have come from all over the world and these countries and some of them have made a home in America and we can share some of their customs now,” said Rush.

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