Hiring Our Heroes Workshop And Job Fair

The United States Chamber of Commerce is on the Coast today trying to help veterans get jobs.
The Hiring our Heroes employment workshop and job fair kicked off this morning at the Biloxi Civic Center. The U.S. Chamber travels around the country to cities with high veteran populations and even to military bases to help veterans and future veterans gain employment.
Chamber representatives tell News 25 the biggest hurdled faced by veterans is translating military jargon into civilian language when explaining their job experience. Ernie Lombardi with the U.S Chamber of Commerce Foundation said, “They’re very highly skilled in their military career and their military occupation, but they have a tough time explaining how that translates into what a civilian employer is looking for. So what we try to do is we provide transition employment workshops to try and work with the veterans to try and explain what they do.”
Lombardi went on to say since 2011 the chamber has done over a thousand of these workshops and fairs to get veterans hired.
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