Highway 90 road damage

The 26 mile stretch of U.S. Highway 90 travels from the Bay St. Louis Bridge to the Biloxi Bay Bridge and is one of the most scenic roadways in the south. However, one Long Beach native who resides right off Highway 90 thinks that the main stretch of road is long overdue for a new foundation.
Long Beach local Mike Wilburn is fed up with the quality of the sidewalks along Highway 90. “The curbs need to be replaced and the storm drains need to be replaced and repaired. They are falling in. The storm sewage drains and the curbs, they are caving and falling in. It’s already a safety issue.”
Now he has decided to take the safety of the many drivers on Highway 90 into his own hands. Over the past two weeks, Wilburn has marked over 16 other areas like this one that are damaged all up and down Highway 90.
The concern for drivers is not the only issue that the Long Beach resident has with the impaired sidewalks and drains. “As a tourist attraction these roads are caving in and the curbs are coming apart.”
Wilburn has reached out to the Mississippi Department of Transportation and although crews have not reached the Long Beach area, MDOT District Engineer Kelly Castleberry told News 25 in a phone interview they do have boots on the ground. “They are also making repairs to sidewalks that have shown distress based on the weather conditions that we have got. So, they still have a lot more work to do, but I can’t tell you exactly where they are at on 90, but I do know they are working down there.”

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