Hero’s praise in Harrison County

After nearly sacrificing his life to stop an armed robbery, Gulfport resident Damon Scott was officially honored as a hero. The Harrison County Sheriff’s Department held a ceremony to honor Scott this morning.
Heroes don’t always wear capes. Gulfport resident Damon Scott bears scars to prove it. “The way he cut me up, I was losing a lot of blood. The doctor gave me a five percent chance to live.”
Scott and Marie, his girlfriend at the time, were shopping at a Canal Road Dollar General when she spotted a man wearing a mask and demanding money from the employees. “I turned around the corner and saw him with a knife to her side.”
Marie managed to sneak to their vehicle and call 9-1-1, but as the suspect tried to escape to a parked car across the street, Scott jumped into action, grabbing a bat from his vehicle in an effort to detain the robber. “Nobody else was trying to stop them so I figured he’s going to get away so I’d stop ‘em. And he went to swing at me, I jumped back and swung at him with a bat.”
Horrified, Marie watched helplessly as the masked man stabbed Scott. “They wouldn’t let me go in the ambulance. I saw them pick him up. His whole clothes covered in blood. His face was pale white.”
Scott tells News 25 he’s glad he did what he could in the situation, but after nearly dying he says his experience at the store has changed his outlook on life forever.
Marie was right by his side through it all as he recovered from his wounds. Seven months later, he has reaped the benefits of his actions. Two men, Marces Rush and Demarcus Leshore, remain behind bars for the crime.
Marie is now his wife and the Harrison County Sheriff’s Department echoes her sentiment, as they present him with a plaque for his efforts that fateful day at the Dollar General. “Damon, thank you so much for everything. Again, we truly appreciate it.”

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