Helping the youth through COVID and crime spike in Moss Point

Due to the recent fatal crimes involving minors, the Moss Point community has taken several steps toward helping its youth deal with the effects of the ongoing COVID pandemic and the spike in crime.

Moss Point Mayor Mario King has implemented a curfew for all Moss Point residents under 18 that goes from 8 p.m. until 6 a.m. through Friday. All minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian after curfew, including school events that end after 8 p.m.

With the combination of the impacts of COVID-19 on kids’ mental and emotional health and the recent violence in the community, the Moss Point mentoring group Blue Pearls stressed the importance of the community supporting its youth as they navigate these times. Blue Pearls member Jessica Gill said, “Providing support is a really, really big thing. Providing time, initiatives, and things of that nature. Supporting the community efforts that are already taking place. Being there for the children and just providing positive reinforcement for the things that are going on I think is going to be a major part of helping, you know, move the narrative forward is the community really getting involved. Pooling resources, getting together, just to make sure that the children know that we are interested and invested in their futures and helping them mentally get through everything that’s going on as well.”

Gill also say it’s important that kids know there are options everywhere and they have a community rallying behind them.

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