Helping others during tough times

The government has been shut down now for 33 days. There’s a lot of stress surrounding federal workers who are now assured of missing a second paycheck. One local shop owner is working to brighten everyone’s day.

Inside of a little flower shop in Bay St. Louis, one woman is working hard to give back to the community that she calls home. Martha Whitney Butler is inviting all furloughed federal employees into her shop for free flowers during the government shutdown. “My calling with the flowers has always been to bring joy to people’s door. It’s nice to have everyone come in and make an arrangement, learn about what we do here and take it home and spread a little bit of love right now.”

So far, the government shut down has put federal employees out of work for more than a month. “I think everyone kind of knows what it feels like to be unemployed and you can really get down in that time of your life.”

Normally a bouquet would cost around $15, but on Friday anyone who comes into the shop with a government ID gets to make it themselves for free and the owner of the shop says that experience is priceless. “It’s definitely not something you can put a monetary value on when you are dishing out a little bit of kindness to somebody.”

If you would like to make a flower arrangement you can head over to the French Potager in Bay St. Louis every Friday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. until the end of the government shutdown. “I’m just so sorry that people are going through this right now. It’s tough, but your community is here for you.”

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