How to help special needs community during COVID pandemic

The coronavirus death toll in America has now reached more than 100,000 and as more states begin to reopen, a Jackson County mother wants to remind everyone why they should remain mindful of others during this time.

Mika Hartman lives in Ocean Springs and she’s the mother of Hudson. Hudson has numerous medical conditions that put him at high risk of getting seriously sick from coronavirus.

The family has had to completely change their way of life to make sure Hudson does not get COVID-19 which could be deadly for him.

Mika says when thinking of those who are at high risk when it comes to dying from coronavirus people oftentimes forget about the special needs community. “Right now it is still unknown and as we start to open up, if we become too lax too fast then we will have another round of this. That is not something any of us want to go through. Keep Little Hudson in mind as you are out there pulling your mask down to talk to people or as you’re pulling your gloves off to touch something. You know, it could really be life or death for our family.”

Mika also wants to remind people to be thoughtful when buying essential items like cleaning supplies as some families with children with special needs can’t afford to stock pile and they need to keep things sanitized for their children.

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