Heavy rains caused road erosion of River Road in Moss Point

The City of Moss Point closed River Road after reports of the road collapsing. At the construction site, street repairs are underway.

Rain this week has inconvenienced Gulf Coast residents and high school students are no exception. “Last couple of days it’s just been a lot of thunder, a bunch of rain.” “Sounds like cannons. I couldn’t really sleep.”

A few schools closed in South Mississippi on Thursday. “There was too much flood water and stuff and not everybody could make it to school and the school was having some problems with water getting into it.”

Today, schools reopened. However, weather damage on River Road in Moss Point altered the students’ school route. “I take River Road to school and now I have to take this detour and it is kind of inconvenient.”

Moss Point’s Publics Works Department Clearwater Solutions has construction under control.

The bridge on River Road collapsed in two places. However, construction has already began and the road is expected to reopen in the next several hours.

After a daylight assessment, the damage wasn’t as bad as anticipated. The bridge is structurally sound, erosion from heavy rain caused the street to cave in on both edges of the bridge. Moss Point Alderman at Large David Chapman said, “At this point, a quick fix. We just want to monitor it and we’ll be able to open this area back up.”

Clearwater employees dig up eroded asphalt, put down filter fabrics, and fill the area with rocks and pack it into place. After rains subside and streets dry, new asphalt will secure the road again. “We have adequate drainage for the remaining streets and alternate routes, just don’t take any chances.”

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