Heavy Rainfall and Flood Preps

County leaders and residents are bracing for the rising water and possible flooding in Harrison County. News 25’s Toni Miles checked out some of the area’s most flood prone areas.
While most of Harrison County’s flood prone areas are not yet covered with water, the rain is coming down and Coast waterways are on the rise. Cecilia Dobbs Walton with the City of Biloxi said, “The rivers will be cresting on Saturday through Tuesday so those who live near the rivers are taking precautions.”
City and county workers are also taking precautions. They were out in full force to make the slick roadways as safe as possible. “Public works crews have been out since yesterday. They’re out today. They are cleaning storm drains and catch basins. We also have some localized flooding in some of our usual areas such as Cedar Lake,” said Walton.
The Wolf River is also on the rise. Emergency officials tell News 25 people who live in flood prone areas are experienced and have already stocked up and prepared for possible flooding. Harrison County Fire Chief Pat Sullivan said, “Just like with a neighbor I just spoke with, they’re anticipating it. They’re prepared for it. They’ve got all of their supplies ready. They know when to move their cars, to get things up out of the way and take care of it.”
Emergency workers hope they won’t have to take on any rescue missions as the area floods but they are on standby just in case. The slick roads have kept them pretty busy so far. “Specifically today we’ve had numerous accidents where people were basically traveling too fast. The cars and vehicles hydroplane and go off the road into the woods or flip over. We’ve had numerous accidents because of that,” said Sullivan.

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