Heavy Rain Creates Muddy Mess in Biloxi

It was a cold and wet night for contractors in East Biloxi after 1.7 inches of rain created a muddy mess in the dirt streets.
Contractors spent all night and into the morning pumping water off the dirt roads making way for permanent paving to go down half a dozen streets around Division Street.
Today, contractors were out lining the streets with curbing before the asphalt begins to go down tomorrow morning. Once the paving on those streets is finished, Division Street will be paved shortly after. City of Biloxi Public Affairs Manager Vincent Creel said, “The great news is you can see cement trucks coming in to these neighborhoods in East Biloxi and what they’re going to be doing is they’re pouring curbing today and tomorrow this ground is going to be dry enough where they can start laying asphalt. You’re looking at a half dozen streets right here, right north of Division Street in East Biloxi.”
The city hopes to have at least six streets around Division Street completed within the next two days.

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