Heat wave safety tips

Well, the heat is ramping up on the Coast as we head into the weekend and that means people are finding ways to cool down.

With highs now in the mid-90s and heat indices in the triple digits heading into this weekend, now is as good of a time as ever to think about keeping cool. Along with staying hydrated, there are other important tips to remember when going outside. AMR Deputy Chief of EMS Operations Charles Wise said, “Wear loose clothing, try to stay out the heat, don’t go outside cutting your yard in the middle of the day, keep a fan circulating the air in your home because you could also get heat exhaustion in your house if you don’t have air conditioner or anything like that.”

First responders typically see an increase in heat related calls in the summer months. “But, you’ll see where we’ll have a lot of general illness calls that turn out to be heat exposure, possibly heat exhaustion.”

James Stokes works at Gulfport Harbor Bait Shop and says the heat may have a factor in driving away business during the day. “It’s kind of a little bit too hot for people to come outside. They’re coming out here 5:30, 5 in the morning trying to get a couple hours in, but the sun comes out and it’s difficult to sit out there and fish.”

There are also specific tips for those doing outdoor work this summer. “Loose clothing, hats, if you take your shirt off and don’t have a hat on, you have a better chance of losing perspiration due to the sun,” said Wise.

Stokes says he has his own way of managing the heat while at work. “Well, most of the time I just don’t go in the air conditioner. I stay out of the air conditioner and stay out here in the heat because once you go into the air conditioner and come back out you end up getting sick. I stay out here in the heat and do what I need to do.”

Those out enjoying the Coast like Cameron Jones are keeping the essentials of heat safety in mind while enjoying the beach. “Drink water, have shade, put sunscreen on.”

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