Heat for the Holidays winner surprised!

A Biloxi woman will now have a happy and warm holiday season thanks to our ‘Heat for the Holidays’ giveaway.

This morning live on News 25 Today we knocked on Ernestine Winters door and surprised her with the news that she was the winner.

A partnership with Geiger Heating and Air, Rheem, and WXXV made this giveaway possible.

Winters says she hasn’t had a working heating and air system since the early 2000s. Her reaction was priceless. “I’m excited about it because like I said I’m in dire need. I’ve been using like little space heaters and stuff trying to stay warm, but it doesn’t do a lot of good. You try, but it doesn’t do a lot of good, but I really do appreciate it.”

Geiger Heating and Air said the system they install this week could cost anywhere from $6,000 or more.

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