Heart Health Awareness

Todd Trenchard is the executive director for the Bacot McCarty Foundation and every year he leads his team in raising millions of dollars for local youth, education and arts programs, but this past week, the man who many refer to as “Mr. Jackson County” found himself in a hospital bed waiting for open heart surgery. He shares his experience with News 25.
Years ago, Todd Trenchard had a decision to make: end his alcohol and drug abuse or lose his life. He chose to overcome his struggles and is now known as a community icon.
But, last week the 56-year-old faced the idea of death for a second time. “It wasn’t a question that I could put off for two weeks. It was immediate,” said Trenchard.
Trenchard recently lost a close friend and realized his insurance was running out. This prompted an overdue check up with his doctor, which led to an immediate heart cath, resulting in even more bad news. “This is not good,” said Trenchard, “we’re going to have to do open heart surgery. And I think it was that moment, it just rang in my ears knowing that I lost my father. I mean, it just became reality.”
There was a 99 percent blockage in the main artery to Trenchard’s heart and a 95 percent blockage in other arteries. He would undergo a 17 hour open heart surgery. Now, Trenchard is recuperating at home. “It really repositioned my thinking of what this community is all about and to have played a small part all these years of helping and see that outpouring, it’s pretty emotional.”
Trenchard tells News 25 a traumatic event like this has changed his outlook on life. Now he wants to use it for a positive and encourage others to go and get a checkup.
“I think when they repaired my heart, they repaired my heart. And you come out of it thinking different and things are a little more in perspective, you’re not quite as mean. Every day you’re going to make a difference,” said Trenchard.
Today, Todd Trenchard told News 25 his pain level is a five on a scale of 1 through 10 but the pain is nothing compared to day one of his recuperating and everyday it gets better.

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