Health and Wellness Seminar

Today, the Mississippi Gulf Coast Chamber of Commerce hosted a health and wellness roundtable in Gulfport.

Adele Lyons, CEO of the chamber, hosted the event. Lyons lead an open conversation with business owners and employees in order to share and get ideas on different health and wellness habits being carried out by companies on the Coast.

The roundtable is an effort to start a conversation about the culture and health in the workplace while discussing programs and initiatives that have helped form healthy habits.

News 25 spoke to Courtney Jacobs, who says she will be implementing some of what she learned during today’s roundtable into her business. “We have an office setting at my job. So, we do a lot of just sitting down and being at the computer and snacking. So, a lot of things that we want to incorporate is healthier eating. So whether it be bring your food to work, drinking water instead of sodas, promoting everyone to go out and start walking, being more active at work rather than just sitting at a desk for 8 hours a day. We have taken those takeaways that I think we will incorporate and find very helpful.”

The event was free to attend and is one of the many events hosted year round by the Mississippi Gulf Coast Chamber of Commerce.

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