Haunted Books at the Biloxi Library

There’s a spooky story behind a collection of old books believed to be haunted at the Biloxi Library.
The books are mostly from the mid-1800s and were dropped off by a man as a donation. Biloxi librarians tell News 25 a woman that the man was dating took the books from a house on Highway 90 at a party during the 1960s. When the woman and the man were married, the man told the librarians strange things would happen in every house the couple would move into.
Before deciding the books were haunted, the man said their family heard mysterious sounds during the night and received occasional visits from an unknown ghostly figure. History Librarian Jane Shambra said, “With long hair and a gauze flowing type garment and they would look at the apparition and then as soon as she was recognized the woman would disappear. What happened was the couple finally divorced and he said, ‘I’m giving these to you to take care of if you want them. We concluded as a family that it has to be the books.’”
A paranormal team will be investigating the books in the next couple months. The haunted books are on display at the Biloxi Library until the end of October.

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