Harvill Richardson returns to court

Today Harvill Richardson, the Biloxi man previously convicted of murder in 2011, was back in court after the state supreme court’s 2014 ruling for a retrial.
Richardson was found guilty of murder for the 2009 shooting death of Rudy Quilon. The Mississippi Supreme Court ordered a retrial based on a ruling that evidence, which might have supported Richardson’s self-defense claim, was never presented during the initial trial.
On the night of the shooting it was confirmed that Richardson fired a warning shot at Quilon before using deadly force. One witness from Biloxi Police Department says that he appeared to have blood shot eyes as well as alcohol on his breath.
Today, jurors heard the 911 call from the night of the shooting. Here’s a portion of that call: “(What’s your name, sir?) Harvill P. Richardson. (What’s going on there?) I shot a man. (You shot a man? Who did you shoot, sir?) Rudy, Romero, Rudy Quilon. I need an ambulance out here immediately. (Ok, sir. Sir, listen to me.) He wants to sleep with my wife and he’s pushing up on me. He thinks he’s tough and all that and he’s a prior felon.”
Trial is expected to resume tomorrow morning.

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