Harry Potter birthday celebration at Long Beach Public Library

Next week is someone we all know and love’s birthday. The wizard who has been capturing children’s hearts through reading for many years: Harry Potter.

The Long Beach Public Library hosted a birthday celebration in honor of Harry Potter’s wizardry. The celebration included birthday cake, butter beer, and all kinds of magic.

There were many characters dressed up for the occasion and many Harry Potter themed activities for the kids, like a moving portrait and a vanishing cabinet.

Professor Severus Snape also made an appearance and gave a small reading of the first book in the series. Harry Potter enthusiast Cindy Lopresto said, “I think it’s a wonderful celebration of getting people together and learning about books and not just about Harry Potter, of course, because of the celebration, but to learn to read and to get away from the videos and to read a book and let imaginations flow wherever it may go.”

Lopresto and other organizers hope the children who attended take a sense of imagination and still keep the magic alive with books.

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