Harrison County Voters Hit the Polls

With multiple candidates running for several positions, voters had quite the task on their hands, but that didn’t keep them away from the polls.
Today, News 25’s Bryan Kennedy hit the streets to catch up with Harrison County residents as they cast their vote.
Lu Morgan and her two children were on the front lines today, armed with signs endorsing their choice candidate at the west Biloxi Library voting precinct. Morgan tells News 25 this political family affair also provides a hands-on lesson for her children. “We thought this would be a great experience for the kids today, to come out and get a little hand in politics and just see what it’s all about, and learn about the community and see who the best candidates are. It’s never too early to start teaching them about it,” said Morgan.
For voters old enough to have their voices heard, there are plenty of reasons for casting their votes. Harrison County voter, Bobby Simmons, said, “Well, I think there are a lot of people who went to war and gave up their lives for the right to vote in the country and I think everybody ought to vote. That’s their right as a citizen of the United States.”
“If you don’t vote, don’t be complaining. If you want the right to complain, you need to come down here and vote,” said Michael Marble, a Harrison County voter.
More than 100 thousand voters are registered in Harrison County and active voters kept Biloxi poll workers pretty busy throughout the day. David Kinabrew, poll manager, said, “I’ve seen a pretty steady flow. I haven’t seen it slow down but a few minutes. I think it’ll be a little better than it was last time when we were doing the mayor’s election.”
Some of the larger Gulfport precincts report a steady turnout as well, but it hasn’t exactly been a walk in the park. Beverly Lee, poll manager, said, “We’ve had a little malfunction on a couple of our machines, but they’ve got them quick to get them fixed. So, we’re doing great right now. Even before we opened, we had a long line.”
The county clerk’s office tells News 25, they’ve seen the heaviest voter turnout in north and west Harrison County.

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