Harrison County Voter Turnout

While some Harrison County voters made their way to the polls, officials are saying the overall turnout was fairly low.
In Harrison County, there are 100 thousand registered voters but in yesterday’s primary elections, only 24 percent of voters made it to the polls. According to Becky Payne, the chairman of the election commission, 24 percent is less than average. Payne says there are multiple reasons why residents don’t show up to cast their vote. “People get busy during the course of the day, you know they think they have time to go vote then they get caught up with their day to day lives working. Some people are just disinterested. There are various reasons. They think their vote doesn’t matter but it really, really does.”
Payne says runoffs and election decisions coming down to affidavit votes could be avoided if more voters went to the polls to cast their vote.

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