Harrison County Utility Authority released record-setting recycling rates

Today is Earth Day and Harrison County Utility Authority officials celebrated by releasing their six month progress report summarizing recycling rates.

Those numbers were a reason for celebration. For the first six months of the HCUA fiscal year, tonnage of recycled materials increased 18 percent to 2,009 tons over the same period in 2018.

HCUA Executive Director Donald Scharr says they are now seeing an uptick in recycling participation from about seven percent to 30 percent.

To continue the improvement in recycling volume and participation, HCUA is issuing an ‘Earth Day Challenge’ to all residents. “We would like to see people try to increase their participation by ten percent. If we can get ten percent of the households, we are talking probably 450 new houses. What we find is once they get started they find out it is not nearly as awkward or challenging as they thought it was. So once we get people in the hang of it, they usually stick with it,” said Scharr.

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