Attention government employees! With the government shutdown going into its 32nd day many of you may be finding finances a bit tight.
The Harrison County School District is notifying parents there may be a little bit of room to breathe when it comes to school meals.
Any parents in this furlough period are encouraged to update their meal applications for their children. This update can help students receive free or reduced meals until the shutdown is over.
Your student may be eligible now due to the reduction in income you have seen in the past month.
Brad Barlow, Food Service Director tells News 25, “The children are first. They are our main business and we want to make sure that those households that are affected by the government shutdown have less of a financial burden on them when the children come to school. Our goal is to feed them a hot breakfast and lunch every single day and that’s what we intend to do.”
Barlow says the application takes around 10 minutes to complete and even less if you are just updating it. You can complete the application online or in person at any school in the district at https://onlinemealapps.harrison.k12.ms.us/fma/.
You will receive an authorization letter after you complete the application with your results typically within a week.

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