Harrison County School offering medical homebound option

The Harrison County School District kicked-off school on August 6th and less than two weeks later they have already reinstated the virtual learning option due to a rise in COVID cases.

The optional virtual learning window for kids will be available from Monday, August 23rd until Friday, September 3rd.

Once September 3rd passes, all students will have to return to in-person learning. Those who wish to keep their student virtual the entire year must provide their principal with medical documentation of specific health reasons as to why they cannot attend school in person.

If the documentation is approved by the school, the student will be assigned to the district’s medical homebound program. Harrison County Schools Superintendent Mitchell King said, “After that it just goes to the school board and all that means is that they have to get it recertified every 30 days that they have the same condition and that condition would prohibit the child from going to school and taking a chance of bringing COVID back into the home.”

The Harrison County School District says that they will continue to provide a healthy, safe, and caring learning environment.

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