Harrison County School District holds groundbreaking for new school

The Harrison County School District is adding a new school in D’Iberville and will be taking in overflow from five other schools in the area.

Earlier this morning, they had their groundbreaking ceremony for the new Creekbend Elementary and Middle School.  Members from the community, school board, and the design committee gathered together for the event.

The school is located on Highway 15 just north of the D’Iberville Sportsplex.

The school will pull students from D’Iberville Elementary, D’Iberville Middle, Woolmarket Elementary, North Woolmarket, and River Oaks Elementary.

The new K through 8 school project is part of the $55 million bond issue passed by voters two years ago.

You might be wondering why the name Creekbend? Marty Hardy, the head architecture for the project, is a local who created it. “I grew up in this area and actually about a mile and a half through these woods there is a sandbar on the creek, in the bend of the creek. So, we’re all in the office brainstorming different things, one of us threw out creek and I threw out Creekbend because we played on the creek and swam in the creek for many years and it just stuck.”

The new Creekbend Elementary and Middle School will be 136,000 square feet. The school is expected to be completed in May 2022.

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