Harrison County School District bond issue vote

Tomorrow as voters in Harrison County head to the polls they will see the Harrison County School District bond issue on their ballots.

The district is asking voters to approve a $55 million bond that will go toward two new schools and a host of upgrades and changes to existing schools.

News 25 spoke to Alfred Sexton, a committee member of the ‘Better Education of Harrison County School District.’

Sexton says it is vital for voters to know the question of where children will go to the school is not the issue they will be voting on in tomorrow’s election. “The vote for tomorrow is voting yes for safer schools, yes for improved schools, and yes for two new schools with zero tax. Zero tax increases for the citizens who vote for this, they are going to get those safer schools. They are going to get improved schools. They are going to get two new schools and that’s going to be better for the future of Harrison County children.”

Sexton says the issue of where children will continue their education will be tackled down the road.

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